Links We Like

Here are some of our favorite sites about the people of Mexico, their history, food and culture. If you have a site you think we should add, please let us know.

Note: The sites listed here are not affiliated in any way with Ruiz Foods.

Food Sites

Mexican Foods and Cooking Terms - From Ajo (garlic) to Zumo (juice), this site has an extensive list of Mexican foods and cooking terms.

The Mexican Food Pyramid - Most Americans know about the daily “food pyramid”. Here's an interesting twist on the food pyramid — Mexican Style.

Online Mexican Grocery Store - Can't find a particular pepper or spice at your local market? This online grocer specializing in Mexican-related foods may have what you need.

Mexican Foods and Recipes - Learn about traditional Mexican spices and seasonings, the corn vs. flour tortilla debate, and find terrific Mexican recipes.

Fun Sites

Burrito Fun - Did you know eating burritos could change your life? It did for these two college guys who made it a mission to sample burritos everywhere and share their findings at this fun site. This site comes complete with mariachi music, a burrito video game, and even burrito poetry

Especially for Kids - At this site, belonging to the Dallas Symphony Association, kids can learn how to make homemade tortillas and what each color of the Mexican flag represents.

Let's Go To Mexico - This travel site is loaded with practical information about living and traveling in Mexico. For example, click on Spanish Helper and discover the 25 most important words to know at the beach, including, la crema solar (the sunblock.)

Mexican Folklórico - This Mexcian folk dance directory will connect you with folklorico groups worldwide.

Educational Resources

School Projects - It's not just for teachers. Parents and kids can find resources on Mexico, Mexican culture and festivals such as Cinco de Mayo.

Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive - Enter “Mexico” in this site's search box to bring up articles and photos compiled by Don Mabry, a professor of History at Missippi State University. Topics range from a pre-Columbian Mexican poem to the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo between the U.S. and Mexico.

Mexican History & Culture - Imagine going to Denmark to learn about Mexico? Well, that's what you'll be doing when you visit this site by the Mexican Embassy in Denmark.

Geography & Politics - The U.S. State Department's profile of Mexico includes geography, economy and current political conditions.


Today's News in Mexico - Thanks to terrific photographs and a clean format, this online Mexican newspaper is fun to look through even if you can't read Spanish. - This English online newspaper will inform you about what's making the news in Guadalajara and other areas of Mexico.

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