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Stories that are as genuine and delicious as the real ingredients and authentic Mexican flavors in every one of our award-winning frozen dinners and snacks. Welcome!

How to Speak El Monterey at Your Next Football Party

football party terminology

There’s no time like the football postseason to think about authentic frozen taquitos and Mexican snacks. After all, America mashes more than 150 million avocados into guacamole for the final football party of the season. We gotta dip something into all that deliciousness! At El Monterey, we love football parties so much that we’ve invented […]

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5 Easy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Cinco de Mayo is a great reason to invite over a few friends and share some delicious Mexican food. Let’s be honest though. You’re busy and meal planning and prep takes time. That’s where El Monterey comes in. To help you celebrate without blowing up your schedule, we’ve combed through our recipe library to find […]

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3 Eye-Opening Facts about a Good Breakfast

good breakfasts make good grades

Good grades, a good attitude and a good day at school all start with a good breakfast. Here’s the great news: Studies have shown that there is a correlation between eating breakfast and better educational outcomes. Check out these eye-opening stats: 1. Kids lose two hours of learning on days they skip breakfast. 2. A good breakfast […]

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The Secret to Healthy Breakfasts for Kids

breakfast kids with good grades

Do you want to know the secret to healthy breakfasts for kids? Real food is brain food!   Real food is brain food.  There’s good reason why experts recommend making healthy breakfasts for your kids a part of their morning routine. Good grades, a good attitude and a good day at school all start with breakfast. […]

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