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How to Speak El Monterey at Your Next Football Party

Posted January 5, 2018

There’s no time like the football postseason to think about authentic frozen taquitos and Mexican snacks.

After all, America mashes more than 150 million avocados into guacamole for the final football party of the season. We gotta dip something into all that deliciousness!

At El Monterey, we love football parties so much that we’ve invented our own language to celebrate gameday. Here are a few of our favorite #FoodballTerms.

football party terminology

Completion Percentage (noun): The ratio of taquitos consumed to taquitos served at a football party. (Pro Tip: It’s always 100%.)

Crunch Time (noun): The rush to serve up bold crunchy snacks before your team battles to advance to the next round.

Huddle (verb): To gather friends and loved ones around a plate of delicious El Monterey taquitos and snacks.

Fantasy Lineup (noun): Authentic frozen burritos and chimichangas, taquitos and snacks, breakfast items, and more.

Holding (noun): The act of devouring a handheld Charbroiled Chicken & Monterey Jack Cheese Quesadilla without a silly fork.

Intercept (verb): To beat a rival loved one to the last taquito on the table. Take that, Uncle Jesse!

Two Minute Warning (noun): That moment of anticipation when the microwave timer hits 2:00.

MVP (noun): You, for serving up delicious and hearty El Monterey snacks at your next football party!

From college bowl games to the professional playoffs and championship, January is the perfect month to host a football party featuring El Monterey taquitos. With savory meat and Mexican spices rolled in an oven-baked flour or corn tortilla, El Monterey taquitos are a guacamole lover’s game day go-to.

And, hey, it’s the postseason. So go big! Set a platter of El Monterey mini-chimis or mini-tacos next to those crowd-pleasing taquitos and see which dish advances to the next round.

Either way, you’ll be the gameday MVP with El Monterey. Just watch out for double-dippers!

What’s on the menu at your football party?