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Community and Corporate Giving

Focused corporate giving. Fred Ruiz and his father, Louis, understood the importance of helping others and supporting their community when they started Ruiz Foods 50 years ago.

One of the biggest joys of our success is the ability to give back to the communities in which we live and work. At the same time, one of the hardest tasks is turning down requests for support. Unfortunately, Ruiz Foods receives more requests than our corporate charitable giving program allows us to support.

Due to the number of requests received each year, we have decided to target (1) programs serving children and youth and (2) programs supporting education for children and young adults. In addition, we have also decided to focus our efforts in the geographic areas where we live and work – Tulare County, California; Grayson County, Texas and Florence County, South Carolina

Over the years, the Ruiz Foods corporate giving program has developed specific criteria and guidelines for requests. To determine if your request/organization qualifies, please see our guidelines: Begin the application process now.


In addition to our corporate giving program, Ruiz Foods has an affiliate nonprofit organization, Ruiz 4 Kids, which was formed by Ruiz Foods team members more than 20 years ago. The organization is focused on providing opportunities to inspire hope and change in children’s lives.

Ruiz 4 Kids accomplishes this by raising the most money possible in order to serve the crucial needs of children in the greater Tulare County area of California, the greater Grayson County area of Texas and the greater Florence County area of South Carolina. In the past five years, Ruiz 4 Kids has raised and distributed more than $2.3 million.

The first annual project is the Annual Scholarship Program supported by the Louis Ruiz Golf Invitational held every spring. This annual program provides scholarships to college-bound high school seniors and community college students.

The second annual project is the Mini Grant for Teachers program. With monies donated by Ruiz Team Members, support is provided to teachers who have developed a unique learning opportunity for the students.

Visit Ruiz 4 Kids’ website.

Each and every year, Ruiz Foods and Ruiz 4 Kids can be counted on to significantly contribute to support community organizations and education.