Mexican Holidays and Parties

Traditional Mexican holidays and parties often focus on some of the most important aspects of traditional Mexican life – family and food. Fortunately, you don’t have to be of Mexican descent to join in the fun! Mexican holidays and parties are a great opportunity to gather your loved ones around a table of delicious Mexican food year round.

Cinco de Mayo

In 1862, Mexican soldiers defeated a French army in a victory that became a source of national pride for the fledgling democracy of Mexico. Learn the history and plan your Cinco de Mayo party.
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Day of the Dead

To honor their ancestors, Day of the Dead celebrants embrace life – and death – with food and music. A Day of the Dead party is a meaningful alternative to a typical Halloween gathering.
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Christmas in Mexico

Beginning with Las Posadas in mid-December and Candlemas in early February, Christmas in Mexico is all about family and (of course) Christmas tamales!
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Mexican Sports Parties

Spectator sports like fútbol (soccer), boxing, and baseball are a big part of modern Mexican culture. Learn about the most popular sports in Mexico and get tips for hosting your own sports fiesta.
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