Cinco de Mayo

The History behind Your Cinco de Mayo Party.

You might think that your Cinco de Mayo party celebrates Mexico’s independence just as 4th of July parties celebrate our nation’s independence from Great Britain. In fact, Mexico declared independence from Spain in September of 1810.

Your Cinco de Mayo party actually has its roots in another Mexican holiday celebrating the country’s victory over an invading army. On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army soundly defeated a much larger and more experienced French army in The Battle of Puebla.

The victory was a great source of national pride for the fledgling democracy of Mexico and is celebrated each year on Cinco de Mayo.

What to Serve: Popular Cinco de Mayo Food.

Today, Cinco de Mayo parties are as common in the U.S. as in Mexico. Perhaps this is because Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to celebrate independence, liberty, and freedom – ideas which unite the people of both countries.cinco de mayo food

An American Cinco de Mayo party is a social affair. You probably won’t be serving a seated meal. Instead, focus on Mexican appetizers and snacks that are easy to enjoy while holding a conversation and a cold beverage.

No Cinco de Mayo food spread is complete without an overflowing platter of taquitos. Serve your taquitos with a few side sauces and dips like salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. And feel free to break with tradition by offering ranch dressing, blue cheese, or other more American options.

Other Cinco de Mayo appetizers and snacks to consider include quesadillas, chips with seven-layer dip, churros, mini chimis, mini tacos, and nachos.

Or, if you’d like to serve a more elaborate meal at your Cinco de Mayo party, check out these easy Cinco de Mayo recipes you can make in five steps of less.

Easy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

What’s on the Menu at Your Cinco de Mayo Party?

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