Day of the Dead

The Story behind Your Day of the Dead Party.

A Day of the Dead party is a deeply-meaningful alternative to typical Halloween celebrations. As you’ll see, this cherished Mexican holiday is about much more than colorful costumes, elaborate face paint, and delicious Day of the Dead food.

In Mexico, Dias de los Muertos is a celebration of both life and death during which celebrants honor the spirit of family ancestors. The spirits of children are thought to return on November 1st and adults on November 2nd.

Altars are built, and then covered with decorations and delicious food. Cemeteries are decorated with fresh flowers. The dead are represented by papier-mâché sculptures called Alebrijes, plus masks and costumes of skulls and skeletons that are often comical in nature.

Through music and traditional Mexican food, everyone embraces the totality of both life and death during the Dias de los Muertos party. It is a time of celebration.

What to Serve: Popular Day of the Dead Food.

No Day of the Dead party is complete without plenty of delicious Mexican food. If your Day of the Dead party is a part of the Halloween season, you’ll probably be in a festive mood. That means Mexican appetizers and snacks you can eat with your hands. Day of the Dead food

Start with an overflowing platter of taquitos served with traditional sauces and dips like salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.

Don’t stop your Day of the Dead party plans at taquitos! Other Day of the Dead foods to consider include Mexican appetizers and snacks like quesadillas, chips with seven-layer dip, churros, mini chimis, mini tacos, and nachos.

What’s on the Menu at Your Day of the Dead Party?

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