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Burrito Pile-up with Corn Chips

Layer Corn Chips, Chile Con Carne, El Monterey Family Pack Beef n Bean Burritos and Cheddar Cheese for a festive platter.

Preparation Time:
Total Time:


  1. (1) El Monterey Family Pack Beef n Bean Burritos
  2. 40 oz. can Chile Con Carne
  3. 1 cup Water
  4. 1 lb. Corn Chips
  5. 2 cups Cheddar Cheese shredded


Here's how to make a Burrito Pile-up with Corn Chips.
  1. Heat up El Monterey Burritos according to packaging and keep warm.
  2. Heat up Chile Con Carne with the water added, and bring to a simmer. Hold on stove top until assembly.
  3. Place corn chips on large serving platter, pour half of the chile over the chips and sprinkle half of the cheese over the chile. Arrange the hot burritos over the chile and cheese and finish by pouring the rest of the chile and cheese over the burritos. Melt cheese under a hot broiler or in a pre heated 375°F oven. Serve immediately.