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Chef’s Surprise

An unexpected side dish or two just might garner a hug for the family chef.



  1. El Monterey Burrito (any size or flavor)
  2. 1 serving canned chili or beans (any brand)
  3. Single-serve container of strawberry or regular applesauce
  4. M&M’s or other finger-friendly candy placed in small cup
  5. Carrot sticks, lettuce and olives


Here's a recipe for Chef's Surprise.
  1. Heat burrito according to package directions.
  2. Heat chili or beans (For best results heat separately from burrito.)
  3. Arrange burrito in center of plate and spoon chili over top.
  4. Let burrito cool slightly
  5. Add carrot sticks, lettuce and olives.
  6. Place containers with applesauce and candy on outer edge of plate.
  7. Serve to child and watch eyes light up!