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Mexican Grilled Chimichangas and Vegetables

Here’s a recipe for Mexican Grilled Chimichangas and Vegetables.

  1. Follow pre-heating and operating instructions for your indoor grill press.
  2. Completely thaw out the Chicken & Cheese Chimichangas before cooking them. Place Chimichangas on grill and cook for 5-10 minutes. Turn Chimichangas over after two minutes and finish cooking. Internal temperature must reach 160ºF before serving. Place Chimichangas in a warm oven to hold.
  3. On a large platter mound and spread evenly the prepared Mexican Rice. Hold in a 150ºF oven. Put cooked Chimichangas in the center of the platter over the rice.
  4. Liberally brush all cut vegetables with olive oil and season to taste.
  5. Grill each vegetable together and until done to desired doneness. Some vegetables may take longer than others. Wipe the grill down after each vegetable is cooked.
  6. As each vegetable is cooked, arrange on the platter.
  7. Serve as soon as all the vegetables are cooked.